First things first – you might be wondering what on earth a ‘onesheet‘ or an ‘EPK‘ is! Well, in a nutshell, your ‘one-sheet’ is a single page with all the information anyone could ever need about you and your band. This is what you might include with a press release to send to a blogger or a radio station. An EPK is like your one-sheet after its seen a hype man. It’s a one-stop-shop for everything about you – it’s where journalists can hear your music, see your videos, find publicity photos – and, if you have them, your riders and stage plots for performance.

Similar to the one-sheet, a brand board is a single page which shows your band’s brand. Typically, this might include your logo and any variations, your colour palettes, fonts and any specific imagery you use. This is a useful thing to send to someone who might be putting together promotional graphics or a website for you. It’s by no means a must-have for an artist, but it can prove useful.

So, what’s the deal with all of this?

We offer the creation of one-sheets and branding boards, as well as small press kits (band information, imagery, analytics and links) and full media kits, featuring photos, band info, multimedia and more. Contact us to discuss your requirements!